How to maintain wifi extender

Generally a router is used to broadcast Wi-Fi signals to access internet in an apartment or small home. And this looks quite satisfying to cover different area of our home with Wi-Fi, but sometime we might require Wi-Fi signals to be rebroadcasted for good connectivity which can be achieved by extenders.


Extender plays an important role to rebroadcasted the signals of our Wi-Fi and make it reachable over entire home. Although Extenders are easy to use, still to maintain Wi-Fi extenders we can use some tips and tricks for better response.

http // admin brings you some good tips and tricks to maintain Wi-Fi extender.

Maintaining Wi-Fi Extenders

Correct Placement

Router’s Wi-Fi signal is rebroadcasted by a extender, so it is highly important to maintain correct distance in between router and extender.

Start measuring the Wi-Fi signal strength broadcasted by router at different places in your home, wherever the signal strength is low, try to find a circuit nearby and plug your extender. It will be good if this measurement is done in one direction from router.

Upstairs and downstairs

If you have a home with stairs then even putting router and extender at different floors (above or below) will not solve your problem of low signal strength. For this we will need to maintain height between router and extender.
You can put router at some height at downstairs and extender at upstairs. But extender should be at minimum height. This will decrease the height between router and extender.

Network name and password for extender

If we put common network name and password for our router and password then it will be good for connectivity point of view.

Same network name and password facilitates us to freely roam in between ranges of router and extender without reconnecting with network.

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