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http // login is the smart setup wizard that is used to manage the required configurations for your TP-Link Wifi repeater. We are going to explain the steps you will need to follow so you can access http // login page and make all required configurations.

TP-Link WiFi extender status LED meaning

Each device that comes with status LED will help you to know about the correct working state of your device. TP-Link WiFi extenders or repeaters also comes with status LED and using this status LED you will able to know about current working status of your TP-Link WiFi extender.

TP-Link WiFi Extender Status LED for WPS Configurations

WPS or WiFi Protected Setup for TP-Link WiFi Extender allows you to connect your TP-Link WiFi extender with existing network without even accessing the http // admin page. If you are using WPS configurations for your TP-Link WiFi extender your status LED should start blinking. If the status LED for your TP-Link WiFi extender is not blinking at all that means something is wrong with your TP-Link WiFi extender configurations. If you are using TP-Link WiFi extender WPS configurations you find that status LED is not blinking at all, you have to perform the WPS configurations once again.

Status LED During TP-Link WiFi Extender Configurations

If you are trying to configure your TP-Link WiFi extender using http // web address you will get to know about the current status for your TP-Link WiFi extender very easily. If everything is working fine and your TP-Link WiFi extender is http // login connected with the existing network you will see that status LED will go solid green. If status LED is not blinking at all, you will need to perform the configuration process once again.

These are the possible status of TP-Link WiFi extender that you will come to know using status LED of your device. if you need to know more about tp link extender configurar, tp link wireless repeater setup, http // login, tp link extender setup, http // admin, http // and you must make a visit at blog page.

How to connect Mac device with TP-Link WiFi repeater access?

If you are using a Mac device for your home network and you want to connect this device with the TP-Link WiFi extender device, you can do this easily. We are going to explain the steps you can follow if you want to connect your Mac device with the TP-Link WiFi repeater internet access.

Here are the Steps you will Need to Follow

  • First you will need to get all required information for your network router. you will need to know about the IP address, SSID and the encryption type.
  • You will need to assign the static IP address for your Mac device.

  • From the home screen of your Mac device, you will need to click on “Apple” menu.
  • After that, select “System Preferences”. | http // login
  • From the given list you will need to click the option “Network”.

  • After that select “Internet and Wireless” option.
  • You will need to select “Ethernet” option then select the “Manually” option.
  • There you will need to fill the IP address manually. You will need to fill IP address. | http // login

  • Click on “apply” button and save all the settings you have made for your Mac device.

These are the simple steps for assigning the IP address manually for your Mac device. You can explore the pages and receive more option for http // admin, tp link extender setup, http // login and tp link extender configurar.


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