About us

We are independent platform and we are helping thousands of TP-Link device users in using their devices in an accurate way. We know that TP-Link advance devices including network routers and WiFi repeaters are best networking devices to use but at the same time users also face issues while setting up there devices accurately.

We are explaining each and every step you will need to perform so you can setup your TP-Link WiFi extenders professionally for your home network. TP-Link WiFi extender will boost the WiFi signals for your home network and pass those signals to all warless devices connected within your home network. WiFi extender cam also help to resolve the dead zone issues for your home and business location. Dead zone are the location where you get very weak WiFi signals for your devices.

Also, we want to clear that we are the independent platform and we are not involved in any kind of support services regarding the products and their maintenance. If you need to talk with experts, you should directly talk to official support team.


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